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When you’ve lost Sulu … George Takei photo-slams Obama, NSA surveillance!/GeorgeTakei/status/369259930097680384

Ha! “Star Trek” co-star George Takei took to Twitter to blast President Obama and the NSA surveillance scandal. The tweet has been made a favorite nearly 100 times. Also a favorite? Takei’s Facebook page in general:!/aaron76er/status/369344241857593344

Here is a sample:!/GeorgeTakei/status/369174360398901248

Embrace the nerd!

As for his NSA photo-slam, Twitter users were loving it:!/CharlesSmith117/status/369327871950467073!/simon0596/status/369374416192282624!/JTGilgo/status/369304016779362304

Heh. Takei, who married his partner in 2008, is a same-sex marriage supporter and endorsed President Obama.

To make it even better, try reading his tweet this way:!/ApacheFreedom/status/369323016859037698



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