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‘Splainers: What today’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage means

, , , ,!/cspan/status/519123883710898176 The Supreme Court opened its term today and this ruling on gay marriage will be the biggest news of the day, if not the term: BREAKING: All of the marriage cases were denied. All seven petitions are listed as denied on the full orders list. — Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) October 6, 2014 Now, the […]


See why this possible reason for Holder resigning has people terrified

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Gee, way to toss out that wet blanket as we celebrate Holder's departure! 😉 would be a nightmare scenario @brandingexpert @jasian12345 — Gary Black (@GaryBlackal) September 25, 2014 What would be a nightmare scenario? Oh, just this: .@jasian12345 Holder might be a great guy, but I'm glad he's leaving. Just hope he's not Obama's nomination […]