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7 Of The Coolest (And Creepiest) Mysteries From World War II

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Even after countless books, movies, and TV shows have been written and produced about the Second World War, there’s still so much that those of us on the outside don’t know. From the lost identity of a man who changed the tides of the war to the disappearance of a high-ranking Nazi, here are some […]


Leader Of German Anti-Muslim Group Reinstated After Hitler Photo Controversy


Lutz Bachmann had resigned from Pegida in January after a photo of him styled as Hitler was published. #PEGIDA-Chef #LutzBachmann als #Hitler aufgetaucht. Dazu FB-Posts in dem er Ausländer #Dreckspack nennt. @mopo24DD — MOPO24DD (@MOPO24DD) Lutz Bachmann has been reinstated as the leader of Germany’s far-right anti-Muslim group, Pegida, little more than a month after […]