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A reminder about who had same definition of marriage as ex-Mozilla CEO

, , , , , ,!/OrwellForks/status/451846465791356928 News that, in 2008, former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to the effort to pass California’s Proposition 8 in support of traditional marriage has culminated in Eich being forced to resign as head of the company. Some are even claiming that Eich’s position on the issue means he’s not fit to run a […]


‘K guys good try’: CNN locked in a mighty struggle with Canada’s Mounties

, , , , , ,!/AOHardwick/status/524997011573972992 Canada is hard. If you’re CNN, that is: This reporter on @cnn keeps saying 'Royal Canadian MOUNTAIN police'. Hmmm — Kevin Zegers (@KevinZegers) October 22, 2014 Ok #CNNBreakingNews stop calling it Royal Canadian MOUNTAIN Police. #OttawaShooting #Heroes #KevinVickers — Shannon Tweed (@shannonleetweed) October 22, 2014 One time is bad enough. But again and again […]


Bobby Jindal’s wife rappels down a building with ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars

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Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife Supriya! Getting ready to rappel down a building with… — Gov. Bobby Jindal (@BobbyJindal) May 11, 2014 On Friday, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wife rappelled down a building with Korie, Sadie and John Luke Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” to raise awareness of the hundreds of foster children awaiting adoption […]


Satanic mass at Harvard canceled; Catholic event standing room only

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@BostonGlobe @PhilOutsider It is beautifull to see so many come together in prayer and reparation. — MGSalvarrey (@Deusetmealux) May 13, 2014 The satanic mass which was to be held tonight at Harvard University was canceled at the last minute as organizers couldn’t find a venue to host the event. The Satanic "black mass" scheduled to […]