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‘Coolest thing I’ve ever seen!’ Steelers surprise Marine’s family [pics]

, , , , , ,!/ariana_ioannidi/status/412407209872863232 And it was incredible.!/irishspy/status/412479409853964288 Indeed. More from Fox Sports (check out the awesome video of the reunion at the link): During Sunday night’s Bengals-Steelers game in Pittsburgh, the family of Marine Lance Cpl. Cory J. Lemasters believed they were going to receive some sort of honor on Lemasters’ behalf — only because the […]


Ted Cruz’ jacket wins raves in ‘back to school’ Throwback Thursday photo

, ,!/Lexie7703/status/505023749708849152 It’s “Throwback Thursday,” and Sen. Ted Cruz shared this special “back to school” edition:!/SenTedCruz/status/505023132185661441 The jacket does rock:!/MarlaMRose/status/505024032765657088!/scotto4672/status/505023932337233920 A photo caption? You got it:!/BattleSwarmBlog/status/505023539687477249 *** Related: ‘That time I agreed with Obama’: Ted Cruz shares Throwback Thursday gem ‘Very impressive’! Sen. Ted Cruz handily wins Throwback Thursday [pic] Read more: […]


Hilarious: Check out Hillary’s participation ribbon mug [pic]

, , , ,!/freddoso/status/422747993100414976 Are you “ready” for a Hillary participation ribbon mug?!/baseballcrank/status/422748192514400257 Bingo.!/lawyeron/status/422749200539852800 Yep. Her great accomplishment? A Twitter bio, apparently: Hilarity swiftly ensued:!/moelane/status/422748528826257408 Shatter that glass ceiling!!/freddoso/status/422748848109260800!/SopranoLJ/status/422748904271007745 So there’s that.!/baseballcrank/status/422749301618397184 Snicker.!/baseballcrank/status/422748906577879040 That’s highly disturbing because it’s true. Also true? This exit point:!/freddoso/status/422748398081437696 Get “ready” indeed. Related: Hubris-practice makes […]


Big game hunter Kendall Jones reaches out to women targeted by her haters


@calimego Wrong Kendall Jones. Same name, different girl. Get your facts right before you start bullying people. I've never been to Africa. — kendall jones (@kenelizjo) July 2, 2014 It’s not a great week to share a name with Texas cheerleader and big game hunter Kendall Jones. At least one woman has changed her […]


Jerkwad Ronan Farrow piles on apologetic DiGiorno with his own tasteless joke

, , , , ,!/Willowy04/status/509425906713374720 As Twitchy reported, DiGiorno Pizza caused a social media uproar last night after sending this inappropriate tweet in response to a domestic violence awareness hashtag:!/Posietron/status/509177819801587712 It took him a while, but MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow finally caught up on the story:!/Foxxi_Love/status/509427625950183426 And promptly made himself look like a colossal jackass:!/RonanFarrow/status/509425280176648194 So, basically, Farrow […]


Dead humans are ‘great’! PETA pimps ‘I’ll kill you’ t-shirt [photo]

,!/kisssmyasana/status/520704171490947073 If you thought death threats were cool before, wait until you see what PETA does with them: How great are these new shirts by #Morrissey?! Get one NOW: #MeatIsMurder — PETA (@peta) October 10, 2014 Yeah … “how great” are those? Nice work, jackasses. @peta NOT great. — Red Letter Day (@Letter4Dolphins) October 10, […]