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Whoa: Jack Welch accuses Obama administration of cooking the jobs numbers!/jack_welch/status/254198154260525057 Former CEO of GE Jack Welch isn’t buying today’s new job data and appears to believe the Chicago machine is manipulating the numbers for political advantage after President Obama’s disastrous debate performance. And he’s not the only one doubting the BLS report. Naturally Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis stands behind the credibility of the […]


A Little Boy Discovers His Own Eyebrows. And His Response Is Hysterical… LOL.

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Life for babies is full of new discoveries every single day, things we normally wouldn’t even take into consideration. Like this toddler in the video below, he has the most adorable reaction ever upon discovering he can move his eyebrows when looking into a mirror. The way he always laughed in the same way exactly the […]