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What One Man Found Abandoned In A Dumpster Is Surprisingly Awesome

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It’s no secret that humans have a penchant for generating waste. Fortunately, there are some people out there who make it their mission to keep that waste from piling too high. Take this man, for example. He works at a university, and because students have a thing for throwing out whatever they can’t fit in […]


These 14 Baby Bison Will Make You Proud To Call Them Our National Mammal

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On today’s episode of “Barrack Obama is the Man,” our president signs a bill declaring that the North American bison is our national mammal, because why not? The National Bison Legacy Act — which is a real thing that exists — positions the bison as one of our national animals because it played an important […]


Bernie Sanders tours Baltimore, likens to ‘third-world country’

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Before Donald Trump broke the Internet by callingfor a ban on Muslim immigration, America’s great moral dilemma was what to do with 10,000 Syrian refugees waiting to enter the United States. You might remember that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, whoprovided safe spaces for participants in the great #BaltimoreUprising of 2015 to vent their frustrations, offered […]


‘We have each other’: Glenn Beck mobilizing tornado relief effort!/glennbeck/status/336615769532153856 The politicization of the Oklahoma tornadoes has sadly already begun, but while others bicker about the role of FEMA and federal disaster relief, Glenn Beck is putting his Mercury One charity into action. Supplies are ready to go, and he’s just looking for transportation to get the food and water from Texas to Oklahoma, […]