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What’s Obama trying to say with this ‘gibberish’ about jobs? YOU make the call! –

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What’s President Obama trying to say here? So now he’s reduced to attempting to create jobs through rhetorical gobbledygook? And besides… Yeah, what gives? A good guess might be that it’s Dem-speak for this: In other words: First the White House should start with baby steps: Team Obama has run out of platitudes and catch-phrases. […]


Help This Festive Four-Month-Old Count The Days ‘Til Halloween. Just A Few Left.

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Jessica and Peter Chavkin of New York created a spooky and appropriately Halloween-themed Tumblr. The couple are posting pictures of their four-month-old, Noah, in fairly intricate and adorable costumes, one for every day before Halloween. In Jessica’s words: “Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Noah is my favorite thing ever, we are celebrating by […]


‘Boy genius’! Ronan Farrow apparently forgot all about post-Katrina Bush-bashing

, , , , ,!/NoahCRothman/status/497475405272850432 In case you’d forgotten, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow is a national treasure:!/RonanFarrow/status/497475197239566339 He’s some kinda something, all right!!/hboulware/status/497476188390977536!/cmdeb/status/497475773440077824!/keder/status/497476295476121600 Oh yeah … Katrina.!/lachlan/status/497476621189017601 Maybe Ronan doesn’t remember, but we do:!/AJ_Schneider/status/497475532490301440 We’ll just leave this stuff here:!/ChazBono/status/263713680552759296!/SHannitysHair/status/264111584283082752 Flashback: Obama Blasts Bush For Not Visiting Katrina Aftermath via @WeaselZippers— […]