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Magazine Apps Are About To Get Better, But Will Anyone Use Them?

Adobe and Fast Company have partnered to develop a new set of tools for digital storytelling. View this image › When the iPad first came out, many heralded it as a silver bullet for magazines — a way for the sinking industry to present beautifully packaged stories and capture paying readers in the digital era […]


These Are The 10 Words And Phrases We All Need To Stop Saying Incorrectly

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I’m going to begin this piece with an important public service announcement: “Irregardless” is not a word. Webster will try to tell you that it’s cool to use it, but Webster is a liar. It contradicts itself. It doesn’t make sense. The word you’re looking for is “regardless,” and no, they shouldn’t just be used […]


Roseanne Barr’s brand of socialism sounds awfully familiar!/TheRealRoseanne/status/242546765830701056 Some European socialists might take issue with Roseanne Barr for demanding so many hours a week, but otherwise, her definition sure sounds a lot like good old American capitalism —at least when people were employed. @TheRealRoseanne that sounds alot like the company I work for. — Robert Dalton (@flamethrowerRD) September 3, 2012 Read more: […]