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‘Helluva job’: PolitiFact hacks can’t admit that Obama failed to deliver on VA promise

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Helluva job, @PolitiFact — John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) May 22, 2014 No kidding. Today, PolitiFact revisited its 2012 pronouncement that Obama’s pledge to “make the VA a leader of national health care reform” was “a Promise Kept.” That was good of them, wasn’t it? After all, Obama’s clearly failed to deliver. Too bad they just can’t seem […]


These 24 Completely Shady Items Are NOT Legit. Don’t Let Them Fool You.

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Don’t live a life devoid of trust and openness. That’s a surefire way to feel negative. However, there are some times when it is a good idea to be a skeptic. As anyone who has ever received a telemarketing phone call can tell you: people will try to take advantage of you in life. Need an example? […]


Matthew Mitcham loves him some Vegemite

I'm Australian. Don't judge me. — Matthew Mitcham (@matthew_mitcham) August 7, 2012   Don’t worry, Matthew. We won’t judge. We may not speak your alimentary language, but we’ll still smile and give you a Vegemite sandwich. *** Related: Diver Matthew Mitcham has a surprise for us where? Read more:


Mo. state senator from Ferguson demands ‘public apology’ from Gov. Jay Nixon

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@MusicOverPeople Good suggestion. I'm long winded. — MariaChappelleNadal (@MariaChappelleN) August 27, 2014 And also fond of lobbing F-bombs. Nearly two weeks after telling Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon “F*CK you,” State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal — who represents Ferguson — has another demand: @GovJayNixon I want a public apology for the Missouri Hwy Patrol excessively tear gassing a […]


Did Obama’s speech display staggering lack of self-awareness? Yes. Here’s how

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"My highest priority is the security of the American people." – President Obama addressing nation live now. Tune in to @CNNTonight at 10P — CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) September 11, 2014 Yep. President Obama said that, among other absurd things. His baffling speech was brilliantly summed up in one tweet, but others are also pointing out […]


Still not sold on Obamacare? But wait, there’s more!

Not sure if this is an infomercial or a press conference? #butwaittheresmore — Malcolm W (@bctwinboys) October 21, 2013 In his Rose Garden presentation yesterday, President ShamWow reminded more than a few people of either a car salesman or Walter White from “Breaking Bad.” Quickly glossing over the “glitches” plaguing, he insisted the product […]


ThinkProgress: Omaha Wendy’s will ‘learn the hard way’ if it tangles with O-care

This Wendy's is about to learn the hard way what happens when restaurants tangle with Obamacare — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) January 7, 2013 Twitchy has extensively documented the effects that Obamacare is having on businesses big and small. Business owners have been forced to consider, and sometimes implement, layoffs and cuts in employee work hours […]