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Sen. Ted Cruz greeted in Arlington, Texas with 14-minute standing ovation

When @SenTedCruz comes home to Texas, he gets a 14 minute standing ovation. When the #SurrenderCaucus goes home, they hide. #MakeDCListen — Whitney Neal (@WhitneyNeal) October 22, 2013 As Twitchy reported last night, Sen. Ted Cruz declared it “great to be back in America” as he returned to Texas and a packed house to welcome […]


Truth Team assemble! Aflac’s Obamacare quiz shows public knows too much

What do you know about the #ACA? Take our #HealthCareReform Quiz to find out: — Aflac (@Aflac) September 13, 2013 What’s the OFA Truth Team up to this weekend? Golfing with the president? If so, they’d better call in someone from the White House’s Entertainment Advisory Council to sing a song or make a […]


Hijack alert: White House offers ‘Congress to do list,’ citizens respond

Today, President Obama travels to @CNSE to call on Congress to act on a #CongressToDoList that will create jobs: — The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 8, 2012 #Congresstodolist trended in the United States, but not in the good for Obama way. Again. Sheesh, he will never learn! There's a yellow post-it note and everything. […]