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#SNLdrinkinggame: Viewers prepare for Miley Cyrus

#SNLDrinkingGame Drink every time there is a twerk joke tonight. — Deadliest Katch (@whats_the_katch) October 5, 2013 #SNLDrinkingGame Everytime Miley Cyrus sticks out her tongue, take a drink. And a shot. Of penicillin.— Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead) October 06, 2013 Everyone playing along will be tipsy before the end of the opening monologue. Is it wrong […]


White House says Obamacare coming, so don’t be a ‘sad panda’ [pic]

.@WhiteHouse You have GOT to be %¡§*¶-ing kidding me. @AdorableCareAct — jon gabriel (@exjon) September 25, 2013 Keep in mind this is from some of the same people who mocked Ted Cruz’s reading of “Green Eggs and Ham”: Don't be a sad panda: You can get affordable health coverage in 5 days (h/t @AdorableCareAct) […]


5 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Sleeping Habits

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Urgh. Stop reading this and take a damn siesta. Sleeping is really, really important. View this image › Disney / Via It’s so important that the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) released this 2015 poll and this study by Dr. Charles A. Czeisler about America’s sleeping habits. 1. Sleeping is a HUGE problem in the […]