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Cher continues marathon rant against ‘scumbag’ Ted Cruz

I love crazies who crawl out from under Rocks to defend a scumbag who is beneath contempt! He makes Joe McCarthy seem like Mother Teresa ! — Cher (@cher) February 16, 2013 She did take a 22-hour break, but Cher came back swinging tonight in a continuation of last night’s all-caps rant against Texas Sen. Ted […]


Jay Z Is Spending $56 Million To Compete With Spotify… And Dr. Dre

The hip-hop mogul’s most ambitious business move is a big-ticket bid on a hi-fi streaming service. View this image › Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Dr. Dre became the richest man in music last year in part by successfully building a digital streaming platform, Beats Music, and now Jay Z wants a piece of […]


Thousands flee as Islamist militants ‘seize control’ of Mosul [pics]

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Unbelievable day in #Iraq. No underestimating the importance of today‚Äôs events. Maliki government is totally losing control. #Mosul — Charles Lister (@Charles_Lister) June 10, 2014 ISIS insurgents have taken control of the city of Mosul. Armored vehicles and weapons provided to Iraqi security forces by the United States have reportedly been captured and are being […]


‘Tone-deaf mendacity’: Lying WH invokes Christmas in outrageous O-care tweet

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It's laughable at this point… The White House has become a bouncy castle. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) December 4, 2013 You couldn’t make this stuff up. As the pernicious Obamacare sinkhole continues to expand, taking more and more Americans down with it, the White House had the nerve to tweet this this afternoon: Obama: "Christmas […]


Rawr! CNN graphic identifies Defense Secretary ‘Leon Panther’

thk god someone got screen grab! RT @bendimiero: CNN introduces us to Defense Secretary "Leon Panther" h/t @1972as16 — Emily Pierce (@emilykpierce) January 17, 2013 CNN identifying current Defense Secretary as “Leon Panther” – seriously — Emily Pierce (@emilyprollcall) January 17, 2013 CNN names “Leon Panther” as SecDef… (via @alexweprin) — Ethan Klapper […]