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The Bullshit Buzzwords Of Marketing

1. “Green shoots” are signs of economic recovery during a downturn. If I was in this meeting, I would unzip and shoot yellow on this report. View this image › Via 2. “KPIs” are Key Performance Indicators. “ROI” is Return On Investment. Add all this up, and you get a waste of breath, space, […]


Urban Outfitters Hopes To Be Cool Again By This Fall

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Comparable sales fell for a third straight quarter while rising at Anthropologie and Free People, the retailer said Monday. View this image › Via Facebook: urbanoutfitters Urban Outfitters, which is still struggling to right its namesake brand, hopes it’ll get there by this fall. The company said Monday that Urban’s comparable sales fell 12% in […]


Financial Fitness: A Behind The Scenes Look At IPO Boot Camp

View this image › Penguins ruled the NYSE during SeaWorld’s IPO on April 19, 2013. Richard Drew / AP Boot camps typically conjure up images of sweaty, muscled men in combat boots and camouflage navigating rugged terrain amid hostile fire. Well-groomed men in Bruno Magli shoes and Paul Smith suits sitting around tables in plush […]


These 29 Business Cards Are So Brilliant You Can’t Help But Keep Them. But #17, That’s Just Wrong. LOL.

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How many business cards have you kept and remembered after meeting someone new? A few? One? None? More than likely, you have thrown away or stored most of the business cards you were handed without giving them more thought. It would impossible to do that with these 29 business cards. They are all so delightfully […]


Top 10 Most Famous UFO Hoaxes

Few things are more gratifying to the creatively competitive than hoodwinking one’s fellow humans. Coupling a desire for fame with a mischievous streak can spell great entertainment for one person, and vast cultural adaptation for the rest of us. Whenever a hoax is proven to be a hoax, not everyone listens. Some believers remain believers […]


JetBlue giving away free flights abroad to people whose candidate loses in November

Just another way we put you above all. #JetBlueElectionProtection — JetBlue Airways (@JetBlue) October 3, 2012 The general election is fast approaching, and with it comes Americans threatening to leave the country if their candidate doesn’t win. That’s where JetBlue comes in. In its “Election Protection 2012″ sweepstakes, the airline is giving away free […]


Johnny Depp Could Cost Disney $190 Million

View this image › Disney Enterprises, Inc. Disney spent $225 million making The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp’s return to the summer blockbuster following the mega-successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (also helmed by Disney), and has only gotten only $87 million of it back in U.S. box office receipts according to Box Office Mojo. On […]